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It was one of our founding member’s first vacations in Europe and he was very much excited about it. But however beautiful it may sound, the trip made him feel solitary and in need of a friend. There was hardly anyone to answer his questions, could not taste the local cuisine, and couldn’t talk about the European culture and history. 

Upon his return, his first target was to make sure that tourists coming to his own country should not feel so and that they should have someone to talk to and someone who can make them taste the local food. It made him realize that when you don’t have a friend in an unknown city, there are certain barriers which hinder the inquisitiveness of a traveler. India is quite famous for its off-putting travel experiences, and to ensure the best service regardless of this perception, he, along with his friends, came up with this idea.

Asking a college student to join a tourist on his/her adventures into a city turned out to be the most successful experiment we ever did. A student is well versed with the nuances of his city and he learns a lot about the outer world during his interactions with fellow travelers. He not only guides them through the lanes and streets with safety, but also helps them with the best deals on shopping, talk about the culture, changing world scenarios, and most importantly, a possible striking up of an everlasting friendship.

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Meet our Team



Post Graduation In Journalism.

Hollywood Buff. Forte - History and Culture. Languages Known - English, Persian.



Chartered Accountant in making. Passionate Dancer. Talkative introvert. Languages known - English. Hindi



Chartered Financial Analyst. Party Head. Knows his drinks very well. Languages Known - English, Spanish



Chartered Accountant in making. Informal Corporate Lawyer. The King of Jugaads. Languages Known - English. Hindi.



Masters in Animation Course. Interest - Art, Poetry, Music. Adventurous and Witty Artist.

Languages known - English, Hindi, Marathi.



Business Graduate. Mellow guy. Solo Backpacker. Natural Human.

Languages known - English. Hindi. Pashtun.